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In the Ipswich and Woodbridge area, Suffolk, UK.


This is what our students have to say about us

“Marisol is a really excellent, thoughtful teacher. I decided to take A Level Spanish and was in very safe hands as Marisol is an expert teacher and examiner. All her lessons were prepared to meet my individual needs and provided the right balance of the skills I needed to develop. Thanks to her, I achieved an A* and would highly recommend her. As well as being very professional, Marisol is also personable, kind and fun. I could not have had a better teacher.”
Laura, Woodbridge 2019

“I started having tutoring with Marisol a few months before my final GCSE exam, when I was on the B/C borderline, but with her help I raised my grade to an A in that short time. I have now been having tutorials with her through my AS year and I believe she has improved my Spanish immeasurably. She explains the grammar and structure of the language so much more clearly and in detail than I found in my classes at school and the one-to-one speaking practice that she gave me was invaluable as so much less time is dedicated to you in a group class. Marisol has lent me films to improve my listening and I find her teaching style so much easier than classes as the focus in on going through everything carefully to make sure you understand and it is much easier to ask questions. Marisol has improved my confidence and taught me Spanish that I can use to communicate, as well as pass my exams and I would absolutely recommend her tutorials.”
Ellen, Woodbridge

“Marisol has been teaching me Spanish for five months, as I am shortly going to live in Spain.  I have found the lessons very interesting and well prepared and thought out.  Marisol always makes it fun using her computer to teach and ask questions and answers with visual prompts, She also does one to one conversation, and sets homework. I have to think and work hard and I always leave wanting more. She has adjusted my homework taking into account I needed to learn fast. The lessons always had a structure from beginning to end, and started well on time, I always worked hard during the lessons.
I hope when I get to Spain I will be able to carry on a two-way conversation, using what I have learnt.
Paula, Felixstowe

“I decided to have tutorials with Marisol after spending 6 months living in Spain because I hoped to keep my spoken spanish ticking along. I very much enjoyed my classes; and feel that I have improved not only my speaking of the language but also my reading and writing as well. Marisol provided a wide variety of material, including magazine articles, films and literature; and, as a result, I have been introduced to some new authors. Within the tutorials we used a course book, power points and the internet. Conversation topics spanned Spain and Latin America, and were consistently interesting. I would definitely recommend the tutorials.”
Tom, Dunwich

“I have had tutoring with Marisol throughout the year for my Spanish AS level; every lesson with her was fun, different and very interactive with a mixture of conversational speaking in the language as well as power points and worksheets. I felt she explained everything so thoroughly and my ability grew hugely as a result, as did my confidence in the language.”
Georgina, Woodbridge

“I have been learning Spanish with Marisol for several years, starting with GCSE, followed by AS and A2 levels at Suffolk College where she was a Senior Lecturer, and now I go to her advanced class at Woodbridge Cruising Club. I have always enjoyed her lessons as she is very knowledgeable and we cover a wide range of topics, including studying literature. Marisol is very encouraging and her sense of humour ensures that the lessons are always fun.”
Catherine from Earl Soham, Suffolk

“If my teachers at school had been as good as Marisol, I might have got “A” grades back then too. Not only is she a great teacher but she also makes the classes such fun. Marisol ensures that we work hard but there is always laughter in the class too. I thoroughly look forward to my Spanish lessons each week”
Pippa from Grundisburgh, Woodbridge, Suffolk

“Marisol Tolliday of Spanish Language Specialists has been giving Spanish Language Classes at BT Adastral Park since 2007. Classes for beginners and for more advanced students are held during the lunch breaks. The classes are very popular and well received by the students. Marisol is an excellent teacher, working well with students at all levels”
Harry, Student and organizer at BT Adastral Park

“I have been studying with Marisol for almost three years. She is welcoming to students and runs the class in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. When a task is set in class her approach is positive and supportive to students at all levels.
Although the structure of a language is an important aspect of learning, Marisol uses role play situations, discussions, etc to introduce a lighter touch to language learning.”
Pat – Suffolk New College student of A2 level

Spanish Language Specialists

Spanish Language Specialists