Spanish Language Specialists

In the Ipswich and Woodbridge area, Suffolk, UK.

  • Can learning a language be beneficial for your brain and delay dementia?

    Can learning a new language boost your brain? The BBC series – ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’ explored how learning a language can be beneficial for our brains and even delay dementia (Series 8 Programme 1). But is it worth it? Is it ever too late to learn? Dr Thomas Bak and Professor Antonella Sorace, […]

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  • Juan Diego Flórez

    I have always been very fond of Juan Diego Florez, I think he has a wonderful voice. I listen to him frequently, when he sings Opera, his Christmas concerts in Vienna, and when he sings Peruvian waltzes. He has a tenor voice and sings with almost no effort. I had been wanting to see him […]

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