Spanish Language Specialists

In the Ipswich and Woodbridge area, Suffolk, UK.

  • Academic Year 2022-23

    This academic year we are opening a Beginners course in Spanish at Woodbridge Cruising Club on Thursdays at 11.00am. The past two years has been concluded successfully despite the sad events we all lived, with tuition online for students of all levels. Current students follow courses for GCSE AQA and International Baccalaureate, AQA and EDEXCEL AS and A2 levels, other students learn Spanish for different reasons: to continue to maintain their fluency, enjoy reading novels and discuss current affairs, to use their Spanish at work and for travel, they have emigrated to Spain and Latin America for work or retirement, they wish to maintain their fluency after university, gap year students with plans to travel, students wishing to communicate with relatives and students wanting to keep their brain active.

    The method of teaching is varied, according to progress through the levels it can include conversation, Power points for grammar learning and interactive exercises, media resources, ECOS magazine with professional and interesting up to date information including audio, or current affairs with BBC news Mundo.

    We ask students to buy a course book to follow the topics and to complete homework. Worksheets are also used for homework and as extra resources related to the class of the day.

    We hope you can join us, and be rest assured that you will have a good experience.

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Spanish Language Specialists

Spanish Language Specialists